About me


I qualified as an Alexander Technique teacher in 2001, after a three year, 1600 hour STAT (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique) approved training course. I have a post-graduate level qualification in Adult Education and Training, and am also a counsellor, embodied therapist and licensed Dance of Awareness facilitator.

I had my first Alexander Technique lessons while at music college when I was looking for a solution to repetitive strain injury caused by long hours of piano practice. I used the Technique to resolve this problem and was so impressed I trained as a teacher soon afterwards.

I am continually studying, learning and engaging with other body-mind disciplines to deepen my teaching practice and broaden what I can offer my students. I give individual sessions in Chichester, West Sussex, and also at the Hamblin Centre in Bosham by arrangement. To find out more or book a session, call me on 07747 481182 or contact me here

How I Work

My approach combines a century-old tradition of hands-on work with cutting edge insights from neuroscience and other bodywork modalities. My aim is ultimately to ‘make myself redundant’ so that you can take away what you have learned and use it as a resource for the rest of your life.

I'm happy to either guide the sessions or to work directly with any issue that you bring. These could range from dealing with pain and stress, to singing or playing a musical instrument, to working with performers on confidence and stage fright.