A Saddle Horse, for Riders — and Everyone Else!

For some time I’ve been promising several of you that I would make a ‘horse’ to go with the saddle that’s been sitting rather forlornly in the corner of the Midhurst teaching studio. I’m pleased to say that after a tiring but fun day yesterday this has now been completed!

Dobbin (1).jpg

Saddle work has a long history in the Alexander Technique. Its most obvious use is, of course, to help horse riders to find a comfortable, relaxed and supportive seat. But you don't have to be a rider to benefit! The saddle is a great way for anyone to become more aware of several unhelpful postural habits — in particular the ways in which we tend to use our leg muscles to support and stabilise our pelvis. The knock on effects of this include a rigidly held spine and a loss of freedom and mobility in the hip joint. Becoming aware when we do this, and learning to stop doing it, is an important step towards allowing our postural system to do its job and support our torso in a balanced and effortless way. The saddle can be really helpful in bringing these patterns into awareness.

The saddle is usually at the Midhurst teaching studio, but I’m happy to bring it to Bosham if you have lessons there and want to have a go — just ask. No need to bring carrots!