The intelligent Approach to doing what you do free from pain, tension and stress …


● Would you like to be free of chronic pain, discomfort and stress, so you can relax and enjoy life like you used to?

● Does your pain seem to be strongly linked to a work or leisure activity such as computer use, lifting and carrying, sports, or artistic pursuits such as dancing or playing a musical instrument?

● Would you be interested in a solution which is proven, permanent, drug free, and will leave your more resilient in future?

Whatever you do in life, I can teach you how to do it free from excess muscular and mental tension and strain. This relieves unnecessary pressure on nerves and joints removing the root cause behind many cases of chronic pain. As a bonus you will feel more relaxed, have more energy and vitality, and feel more comfortable in your own skin.

What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is an intelligent, transformative approach to taking care of yourself and your body in activity — now and for the future.

  • Discover how you interfere with your body’s innate ability to remain relaxed and stress free — and learn how to stop!

  • No boring repetitive exercises

  • No need to struggle to maintain a set posture or position, or to feel you need to be pulling yourself into shape all the time

  • Effectiveness confirmed through scientific studies and almost a hundred years of practical experience

Who Can it Help?

The Alexander Technique is often particularly effective for:

  • Pain associated with the work environment or leisure activities such as sports or playing a musical instrument

  • Back shoulder and arm pain related to desk work and computer use

  • Pain related to worry, tension and stress

Learning The Technique

The Alexander Technique is best learned in one-to-one lessons. The teacher uses verbal instructions and hands on guidance to encourage you towards more balanced and relaxed posture and movement. You become aware of unconscious habits that cause excess muscular tension, and discover how to stop doing them so your body’s innate postural and support system can do its job.

Is it for you?

The Alexander Technique is not a quick fix and it is not a 'treatment'. It is something you experience, learn and apply for yourself. The benefits stay with you and can help you to take care of yourself for the rest of your life.

The Technique is likely to be a good fit for you if:

  • You are ready to take responsibility for your own health and destiny and to make positive changes in your life to help yourself get (and stay) better

  • You like to learn new things and are willing to grow and enjoy the journey

  • You are willing to commit a little time each day to work with what we do in the lessons.

Why Learn with me? 

  • I have been a qualified Alexander Technique teacher for over 15 years, since completing a three year, 1600 hour STAT (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique) approved course in 2001.

  • I trained as a teacher having used the Technique to recover from my own debilitating repetitive strain injury. I therefore have an understanding grounded in my own experience of how it can be used to resolve real world problems.

  • My approach combines immersion in a long tradition of hands-on work with cutting-edge insights from neuroscience and other bodywork modalities.

  • I am continually studying, learning and engaging with other disciplines to deepen my teaching practice and broaden what I can offer my students.

Next Steps

I offer a half price (£20) introductory lesson so you can experience the Technique in action and get a sense as to whether or not it is a good fit for you. To arrange this, or to answer any questions, please contact me.

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