How long does it take to learn?

The Alexander Technique involves changing longstanding, harmful habits. Like anything worthwhile, it requires a little commitment in order for the lessons to be effective. To get the benefits it is necessary to come for weekly lessons to begin with. For most people 10-12 lessons is a reasonable minimum number. Given the effect on how you feel from day to day, and the long-term effects on health and well-being, the benefit is generally considerably out of proportion to the cost! 


My standard rate is £40 for an hour long lesson at my central Chichester studio. I offer people who have not experienced the Technique before a half price trial lesson.

As well as my main Chichester location I also offer lessons at Hamblin Hall in Bosham by arrangement. Because of the cost of hiring the room I charge £50 for sessions in Bosham.

Discounted rate for new pupils

I offer new pupils a discounted block of ten lessons for £350 (i.e. £35 per lesson) when paid for in advance.


Concessions may be available in cases of real financial need, at the Midhurst location only. 

What to wear

There is no need to bring special clothing, but you should wear something loose fitting and comfortable. Be aware we may be working on the floor for part of the session.


In Bosham

I teach at the Hamblin Centre in Bosham.

The Hamblin Centre, 
Main Road,
PO18 8PH

Coming from Chichester on the A259 you will reach a roundabout in the centre of Bosham.  Go straight over this and very soon on the right there is an exit which ends immediately  at a T-junction to a short lane that runs parallel to the A259. Take the exit and turn left at the T-junction continuing down the lane (a couple of hundred metres) following it round in a sharp right into the Hamblin Trust driveway. The Hamblin Centre is the low wooden building in front of you. Come on in and I will meet you in the entrance hall.